More weather data for better forecasts!


Meteo.Rocks manufactures automated weather stations, designed and manufactured in-house. The stations are fully autonomous, powered by solar energy, and transmit data in real-time. The weather stations are the building blocks of our own private network. We aim at 150 stations to cover the whole region of Bulgaria in the next four years. This will help us make better and more accurate forecasts.


Management of networks, grids
Air, water & environment
Monitoring & compliance
Sensors and actors
Traffic Management
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance
Data Centres and Services

Business Model

Weather forecasting depends on observations, but there is a global shortage of such data. The weather station is our core product that can be sold separately, and serves as a building block of our station network. Real-time and processed weather data are available online. Initially, we expect income from users on the website, as well as direct sale of weather stations. Subsequently, we aim at offering weather consultant services for businesses, and selling archived and forecasted data to organisations who can benefit from it.


Mobile app, full website redesign with additional functionalities will allow us to start our paid subscription service. By cooperating with 5 pilot customers through the installation of weather stations at key locations, we will gain valuable feedback and expand our network, an essential step towards more reliable forecasts. Introducing injection molding and aluminum casting will improve the quality and significantly reduce production time and cost. This will allow us to start with direct sale of weather stations.