We want to offer the most sustainable toilets solutions on the market and the most effective way to process the waste into valuable products.


We developed an effective composting system that is a part of a well-designed outdoor toilet. Our system uses no water and no chemicals and transforms the human waste into valuable products with almost no energy needed. We are adding also some software driven electronic devices which will make the process effective and give valuable database. We are developing the fastest postprocessing decomposition system on the market. For entering the renting market, we are developing a space saving toilet, that will lower the cost of transportation.


Waste to energy
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Smart building

Business Model

In the last two years, we sold many permanent toilets to municipalities and campsites. Our subcontractors are maintaining the toilets and processing the waste. We have two regional centers right now to process the waste and we are negotiating with new subcontractors. After the process of decomposition will be finished, we will sell the fertilizer to companies working with flowers and plants. Subcontractors will help us with renting toiles as they have knowledge in maintaining toilets and processing the waste.


We are entering the rental market this year and we'll need a person helping us with marketing. We'd like to improve our marketing and increase our brand awareness in Slovenia, Croatia, and the Netherlands.