Developing systems for automated separation of non-ferrous metals for waste management companies.


Trilobit is a quality control focused business. Using the knowledge of computer vision combined with robotics and computer technology, we are focusing on development of recycling solutions - machines that will automate the process of separation for waste management companies and municipalities.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

System for automated separation of non-ferrous metals enables the user to locally recycle waste metals without transporting the waste to big recycling centres. The purity % of end product - the raw material is configurable by user to reach the maximum profit by selling it on the market. The machine offers low operational energy costs and scalability to adapt to the customers needs. Save on costs and get more profit for the same "waste"!


Our next big step in launching a pilot project in a minor Slovenian waste management company to full test the functionality in real environment. We are also in the process of getting to know a major international waste management company, getting to know the insides of the process which our solution will be part of.