At Termodron we are helping to decrease the use of chemicals in agricultural industry, reduce costs and gain positive impact on the environment with incorporation of drones and other modern technologies.


Food production industry is facing great challenges to produce enough food for mankind and decrease environmental impact as much as possible. Some of the biggest identified challenges are irrational use of phytopharmaceutical products and fertilizers. We tackle these challenges using remotely piloted aircrafts and other modern technologies. The result is optimizations of costs, better food quality and safety.


Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Our innovative solution can lower use of phyto products and fertilizers of up to 20%. At current stage we will provide solution as a service. We will charge from 5-10 EUR per hectare (depends on the quantity).


Our plan for this year is to (1) scale our service, (2) validate new use cases and (3) prepare detailed marketing and sales strategies.