Greenlife out of industrial waste


EVEGREEN, located in Velenje, Slovenia, is a private for-profit high-growth company actively developing and supplying innovative 100% bio-degradable organic plastic materials across different industries. Evegreen is a team of 5 who have been recognised as reaching Semi-Finalist in the European SOCIAL innovation Competition 2019/ECO flower pot has been acknowledged as one of the TOP 44 Slovenian innovations 2019.


Clean Energy
Waste to energy
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Food and beverage
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

Food and beverage producers currently have a problem disposing of their industrial waste such as rice husks and coffee bean husks, which are difficult to recycle economically. Whilst some waste can be used for biofuels, other substances are not suitable for this and end up in landfill. Evegreen have developed an innovative method of creating bioplastic material for organic single use plastic items, which are then easily compostable without additional processing.


It is our intention to form a JOINT VENTURE with potential investor till end of year 2020. Potential investor need to secure route to market, need to provide manufacturing and scale up experience and extensive industrial contacts.