SmartCat is a data-science company that makes meaningful solutions, which have a measurable impact on everyday life, society, and business.


SmartCat doo Novi Sad is IT consulting services provider with an exclusive focus on Big Data systems - from data science and AI algorithms, to data engineering of data-intensive infrastructures and performance tuning for production. We have been in business since 2015 and the founders of the company are industry seniors who set out to build a different kind of company from the inside out - from the flexible, stimulating environment where employees come first, to relentless standards of client satisfaction and professionalism.


Smart building
Sensors and actors

Business Model

In Europe, buildings use around 45% of total energy and HVAC systems are one of the major energy consumers. SmartCat solution for this challenge is Optimus Power. Optimus Power is a software which gives us information about load base and profiles in consumption, identifies anomalies in HVAC system and in prescriptive phase, where we use reinforcement learning agents, we are able to predict, control, and optimize HVAC consumption in real time.


In February 2019 we finished MVP phase during EDI project. We are finalists of this program and we've received grant of € 85.000. In April 2019 we won first price in PowerUp! competition in Serbia. Since we are primarily Data Science company our plan for 2019 is to find partner with expertise in energy efficiency for further development and testing. Regarding partnership, in April we had productive meeting with VPS energy company from Portugal as a testing customer and potential partner.