Proventus is developer of Tomappo, web and mobile app that helps gardeners grow their own vegetables.


Proventus is the developer of Tomappo, an ICT platform for people with vegetable gardens. It consists of a web garden planner, a mobile sowing calendar with notes and notifications, connected IoT sensors and a seed exchange platform. The company is nearly 5 years old and during this time we have developed skills in product development as well as customer relationship. Tomappo has over 55.000 registered users.


Green building
Sensors and actors
Food and beverage
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

There are two problems we are addressing: 1) People who start gardening need help and information. We have developed tools that ease their planning and for this we charge yearly subscription. 2) Specialized garden centers have aging clientele and fail to address young customers. Their problem is lack of online advertising because they do not have the time or knowledge to efficiently use modern and complex marketing tools. For them we have developed payable tools for easier online advertising through our platform.


Increase the number of users to at least 70.000; add disease and pest recognition feature to our app and service; promote seed exchange; exhibit at New trends section of the My Plant and Garden fair in Milan.