123zero develops no waste shampoo marbles to eliminate single-use plastic bottles in the cosmetic industry.


123zero tackles single-use plastics in cosmetic industry with shampoo marbles composed of a dehydrated shampoo core and a protective layer made of 100% biodegradable polymer derived from seaweed. All components of shampoo marble are renewable and completely water-soluble. Our production process is sustainable and socially responsible. We are planning to provide working opportunities to various vulnerable communities.



Business Model

123zero aims to solve two major problems in hospitality and cosmetic industry: 1. Single-use packaging. Hospitality industry annually generates 200 million units of single-use plastic bottles. 2. Water waste. Shampoos contain 80-90% of water. This results in 4 million liters of waterwaste in manufacturing process every day. Shampoo marbles with 100% biodegradable packaging create no waste and decrease water usage by 90%. The final product is not only sustainable, but also convenient to use in a travel kit.


Firstly, we aspire to move from the lab and set up a manual production place and produce the first batch of products. Secondly, we want to generate sales to get a proof of concept from first customers. Thirdly, our goal is to build a website and get media coverage to raise brand awareness. Finally, we aim to start the process of diversifying our product range.