EnergyPulse is all about automated and real-time system profiling based on energy flows


EnergyPulse is both hardware and software solutions development organization that also satisfies the R&D as well as training and consultancy needs of our clients. At this stage EnergyPulse develops stand-alone hardware solutions to enable continuous energy consumption/generation monitoring related to manufacturing-driven system dynamics. We strive to develop unique hardware-based software platform for all our devices


Clean Energy
Energy management systems
Monitoring & compliance
Green building
Smart building
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

EnergyPulse is a hardware Start Up and our business model consists of 2 stages. First stage considers Hardware as a consumable (buyer buys the device and performs operations on his own). Here the price is a bit higher. Second stage considers Hardware as a service where buyer buys our device at discounted price and subscribes on monthly basis for a software solution regarding powered analytics and reporting. Both stages can be equipped with basic or premium care packs in terms of customer support, training, consultancy, etc.


We at EnergyPulse aim to offer hardware/software products and services to small, medium, and large scale businesses in Serbia. Our goal is to focus on providing solutions for smart, automated and real-time system profiling in a comprehensive, easy-to-use and above all reliable manner based on energy flows. To get closer to this achievement, in 2020 we want to Establish company as legal entity, Complete a first version of final product and to conduct Industrial environment testing and create a reference in terms of representative case study.