First we tried to solve our problem. Later on, we relized it is shared by many. Most of the many do not know they have a problem. Well, we'll try to explain them.


Improving the cooling technology: A new concept of evaporative cooling for small to medium dry cooling systems. Using a new modulation cooling approach makes these installations more energy efficient, maintenance costs reduced, life expectancy of equipment longer and environmental protection improved.


Industry efficiency

Business Model

The basic and global drawback of Dry Cooling Installations is low energy efficiency in hot weather. We solve the problem by using simultaneous and modulation dry and wet operation on one condenser body driven by ambient conditions.


1. Completion of new working prototype with 10 kW inverter heat pump (chiller) in cooling mode. Testing measuring and data collection, proving business and resource usage (especially water and its influence on condenser) as well as benefits in summer conditions. 2. Market research and analisys (assesing the market potential-for domestic and foreign markets separated. 3. Marketing material produced (website launched, product flyer designed, sales presentation deck designed).