TRAKEN is a next-generation data tracking, asset management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids based on Blockchain.


TRAKEN builds software infrastructure on Blockchain to facilitate the encrypted, secure and transparent access to prosumers’ smart meters and metering records, to serve as enabler for more flexible reconciliation on physical or financial levels in electricity grids, and to facilitate more efficient rebalancing process for electricity suppliers by supporting mobility of accounts and quicker settlement.


Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids

Business Model

TRAKEN business model have two possible revenue streams, first considers implementation and license fees towards Distribution Service Operators, while the second involves transaction fees on electricity trading within peer-to-peer secondary marketplace. Our primary customers are Distribution Service Operators, Energy Suppliers and OEMs dealing with the energy solutions on various levels, from digital software solutions to hardware solutions for measurement and automation.


TRAKEN roadmap is to develop the MVP and prepare for the next-round investment. Plan is to upgrade the current technology stage of the prototype and encircle the set of functional features of the platform, including API, dashboard, mobile app, and operational Blockchain module. Upon MVP development and successful deployment, our goal is to conduct a trial experiment and demonstrate the technology in the relevant business environment, within the functional electrical grid using actual electric meters.


Strahinja Vukoicic