Data-driven solutions for future's agriculture


Cropt is an innovative startup that develops data-driven solutions for high-tech agriculture. We were founded as a spin-off from BioSense Institute, the EU’s Centre of Excellence for the application of IT in agriculture. Our solutions are based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and domain knowledge and aim to increase the profit, decrease the risk and reduce the ecological footprint.


Monitoring & compliance
Food and beverage
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Cropt is increases profit and reduces risk and ecological footprint by recommending optimal sowing strategies to the farmers, for a yearly fee per hectare. Our services are also intended for banks and insurance companies that can adjust the premiums and loan interest rates according to the level of risk at the farm, estimated by our system. Corporate clients have access to the service based on a yearly fee, fine-tuned to their company’s profile.


Our goal is to develop the prototype of the system that maximises the profit and at the same time minimises the environmental and ecological footprint, through optimisation of farmers' sowing strategies. In this year we want to include clients in the system development and find the additional investors, partners and first customers.


Oskar Marko