FACT offers the high quality spatial analyses by combining the satellite data, Earth observation and data collected by drones


FACT - Forest and Climate Team supports the farmers, forest managers and decision makers to improve the efficiency of their systems. FACT analyses the spatial data to identify the needs of the land. Three main programmes are: 1. Mapping and spatial valorisation 2. Precise agriculture 3. Forest management.


Monitoring & compliance

Business Model

Spatial analyses provided by FACT determine the suitability of land for different activities and improve the usage of water, pesticides and fertilisers by identifying the parts of agriculture areas that need them the most. The wildfire vulnerability of forest can be determined and monitored by remote sensing. The spatial analyses can be used to identify the most vulnerable parts of forest area. Proper action can prevent the environmental and financial costs in agriculture and forestry.


As an early stage start-up, FACT has three main goals in 2019. The first one is to complete the market research and define the business model. The second one is to improve the capacity to gather real time and high resolution field data. The third goal is to launch the website.


Tijana Lezaic