A beautifully designed bike built with sustainable materials


Veltra unveils the latest innovations in the sustainable market by introducing the first laminated bamboo bike in the World. After years of research, we concluded that bamboo is the perfect material to build a bicycle as it has a high strength-to weight ratio, vibration dampening and sustainable growth. Combined with the finest craftsmanship, the best materials and a unique design this bike offers the perfect blend between performance, weight, strength, stiffness and comfort for long days around the city.


Smart (e)mobility

Business Model

In order to be manufactured, millions of bikes and components go through, chemical processes and special welds, making them not environmentally friendly, heavy and very hard to recycled. Every year just a small percentage of them are finally recycled or reconditioned. To address the climate challenge, we built a bike that incorporates more than50% sustainable materials and uses bamboo, a plant that doesn’t require replanting after harvesting or chemical processing.Our mission is to create a sustainable bike which is affordable, lightweight and durable.


Our goal for 2019 is to sell 100 bikes across European Union and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.