An easy to use desktop-machine that can turn plastic waste into sellable products.


Our machine helps 3D printing companies to create new sellable products, by reusing the wasted plastic made out of the whole process of production. This machine can make 3D printing shops sustainable businesses by increasing the level of reuse and recycling and also, in return, reducing levels of plastic waste produced. This type of companies, have a lot of empty filament spools, and also the need to produce faster and cheaper. In this case, they will have free raw material and faster production time. Our machine also helps the product designers to produ


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Industrial Automation
Materials Innovation

Business Model

The amount of plastic waste in Romania by the year 2016 was about 280.235 tonnes of plastic waste and the amounts are increasing every month. We are developing this machine in order to help these businesses to accelerate towards a self-sustaining, zero-waste model. The concept of injection plastic into molds is not new but is very expensive and not so accessible to the masses, it is done mostly at an industrial level. By using this machine, the 3d printing shops will have zero waste and will become plastic collecting points that will reuse the waste and


We would like to create a movement of recycling in Romania and continue with development in order to achieve better functionality.