Cellular farming for sustainable production of botanical ingredients


Alternative Plants is a biotech start-up that establishes and grows plant stem cell cultures. Plant stem cell technology is our tool to make inaccessible ingredients from rare, slowly growing and difficult to farm medicinal plants accessible to cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our production process is highly consistent, easy to scale and sustainable. Products undergo scrupulous characterisation and testing to provide proven efficacy.



Business Model

Alternative Plants is a B2B company and our revenue comes from sales of cosmetic active ingredients. We have two sales channels – direct sales to cosmetic manufacturers and sales to ingredient distributors. To sustain consumer demand more and more cosmetic manufacturers are having to cope with the twin obstacles of ingredient availability and sustainable use of resources. We have a tool to make inaccessible accessible in a highly sustainable way and help cosmetic companies to meet the demands of their customers and reach new market segments.


Our team’s primary target in 2019 is to launch to the market our next two products – one for anti-acne applications and another to alleviate allergic skin conditions. To hit this milestone, we have already launched a pilot manufacturing facility, are working to scale production and complete safety and efficacy testing. We are also working on business development to facilitate sales in Europe and Asia.