Detachable fixing solutions for ceramic tiles


Moveatile is a game-changing project: we aim to design products using a circular economy approach and we start from waste! Moveatile detachable ceramic fixing system extends the tiles’ lifetime through multiple-use and the opportunity to resell the tiles - once no longer needed - instead of destroying them. Our goal is to tackle the issue of construction waste through a new approach to the ceramic tiles market.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Green building
Smart building
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

The customer problem we address is the mess and financial loss generated by renovation. In a world where the flexibility and adaptability are becoming more needed. We offer our clients the possibility to use a non-intrusive, resellable, and easy to install construction system, that is also of great benefit for the environment. As our product is part of a complex construction system (ceramic tiles), we target strategic partnerships with ceramic companies in order to enter the market.


We'll work on 3 directions. First of all we want to have an accurate view of our beachhead market, a better understanding of the customer needs and expectations. Afterwards, we'll improve our business model and develop our prototype further.