Eco Living Project's goal is to bring natural finishing materials to the mainstream market. We want to bring healthy indoor environments in everyone’s homes, and to make these homes better looking while we’re doing it!


Eco Living Project creates natural finishing materials aimed at the mainstream market. Our product is a natural clay-based finishing plaster that can be used for the finishing of any interior space. Clay-based finishing materials are good looking and versatile but have the added benefit of a low carbon footprint while also improving the indoor air quality and decreasing HVAC-related energy consumption.


Green building

Business Model

Eco Living Project finishing materials will be sold both as a service and as a product, aimed at B2C and B2B customers. The product will be a finishing material sold in a bag with various colour and texture options and we are currently working on certifying the product for the Romanian market. Our materials can be used for both renovations and new builds. The biggest potential market are real estate developers and the product has the potential to create significant time and cost savings for these customers.


This year we want to certify our first products for the Romanian market and to start working on certification in other EU markets, based on future demand and business opportunities. At the same time, we will finish our first production line. This will enable us to produce the materials at a competitive price and in larger quantities and as a result we will be able to sell a certified product. Our focus is on constant technological improvement in order to take these materials and their benefits from a niche market to the mainstream.


Andrei Basaraba