Using the Earth Observation data archive collected by the Copernicus Satellites from 2017, we build a toolkit for farmers with complex data analysis, offering them a new perspective on their fields.


Our startup is called Field Data Zoom and in September 2019 we started building OGOR, a complex, unbiased, affordable toolkit for farmers, that offers them a new perspective on their fields. We are five co-founders, from the IT sector, with complementary backgrounds and more than ten years of experience in developing IT projects.



Business Model

The first two and a half months were spent interviewing farmers across Romania, gathering needs, pain points, ideas. We discovered that farmers do not know the impact of their farming practices on soil fertility, thus they cannot make conscious decisions in order to mitigate the imminent threat of desertification, which may affect 40% of the fields in Romania. We are building a satellite-based logbook, displaying the evolution of a field, helping farmers to gain confidence in the practices that show the best results and encouraging them to improve the


Year 2020 is focused on building the complex live journal of farming activities: - correlating the vegetation maps with the phenological events and the weather history, - building the evolution and analysis of the fertility areas, - analysing the soil moisture and determining the flooded areas, - finding the top-performer fields; - identifying the weak areas which should be improved.