Electrification of any Van, Truck, Trailer and Container Refrigeration unit


AddVolt developed the World's 1st Plug-in Electric System targeted for any Van, truck, trailer and reefer container refrigeration unit. With AddVolt solution, those vehicles become independent from diesel reducing costs, CO2 and noise emissions during goods distribution in city centers.


Smart (e)mobility

Business Model

Refrigerated Units installed in trucks and trailers used for transportation of food, frozen goods or pharmaceuticals, are one of the most problematic and expensive form of fleets. These refrigerated trucks has 2 diesel engines, one for traction (like any other truck) and another one entirely dedicated to the frigo unit which have very significant diesel consumptions (> 500 litres/month), CO2, noise emissions and maintenance. AddVolt solution keep those units running in electric mode eliminating diesel, CO2 and reducing the noise emissions and maintenanc


Looking for partners to implement our solution in cities with Low Emission Zones and noise restrictions for food delivery trucks