End-to-end energy and ambient monitoring solution for your business


Sensix provides an end-to-end smart monitoring solution, using proprietary, non-intrusive wireless sensor devices, easy to install. Medium-sized companies that own or rent spaces like office spaces, sports facilities or factories use the Sensix solution to increase comfort, and reduce operational costs.


Air, water & environment
Monitoring & compliance
Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

Building owners, facility managers, and business owners are facing tremendous challenges in their efforts to keep optimal ambient levels with efficient use of energy. The typical pain points are high operational costs due to inefficient energy consumption and low customer/employee satisfaction due to bad indoor air quality. We provide a plug & play ambient and energy monitoring kit together with the web and mobile platform to solve those issues.


Launch a new device: electricity sensor for one-phase consumers. Launch our new web ap and extend our pilot projects preparing for mass production