Green Energy Harvesting Technologies


eHarv is the company where we develop and produce green energy technologies. Our main focus is directed to achieve the implementation of sustainable energy sources starting from a small dynamo to solar, wind power and harvesting it with high efficiency by exploiting up to date technologies. We have USB chargers for bicycles in product line and currently, developing wind turbines with doubled efficiency.


Cleantech, Energy, Energy efficiency

Business Model

The world is being transformed to use green energy sources and 36% is generated by wind turbines.Yet, turbines are not efficient and expensive to manufacture. Therefore, we are designing wind turbine which would harvest the energy with high efficiency and two generators will be integrated into one wind turbine. This concepts allow to use one wind turbine instead on two but get two generators' efficiency. This technology is thought to be patented and turbine manufacturers like Siemens, Vestas, etc. implement the technology by paying the licensing cost.


Currently, we are in prototyping phase and consulting with experts in the field. In this year, we will be attending conferences, exhibitions and wind turbine development centers in EU to get feedback on our prototype and to discuss future cooperation. By the end of year, we are aiming to have small power prototype at least 1kW power generator and test it in the field. Additionally, we are targeting some wind turbine developers and manufacturers to attract in order to deploy our technology in their products.