Franchising Eco Green Salons to go greener, with online support and consultancy.


Malta is facing a major problem about the waste in our landfill, there is not enough space and we need to tackle this problem seriously. There are over 2000 salons in our country, we will introduce Go Green Salons to help them go greener, with online support and consultancy. We will offer them packages how to reduce waste, save money and also help the environment. We will also offer a Go Green Salon Certification for the salons who goes greener.


Materials Innovation
Health Services

Business Model

There are over 2000 salons on our island, all the waste goes to the landfill. We will help the hairdressers, beauty therapist, barbers and salon owners to chose products wisely with the minimum impact on the environment, reduce carbon footprint, eliminate toxic ingredients, and also recycle hair and packages.


Together with my team we would like to focus on awareness and education. Also work on a website, and choose the best products with the least impact on the environment related in our field.


Diane Cassar