We develop white-label software solutions for Energy Utilities that enable peer-to-peer trading.


We develop custom-tailored white-label platforms that enable peer-to-peer solar energy trading between prosumers and consumers, businesses and private customers. The platform allows prosumers to trade their excess generated energy with one another, thus providing cheaper energy, transparency and flexibility. Through energy savings and more cost-effective solar PV plant construction, the payback period of Solar PV systems decrease by at least 30%. Additionally it provides access to solar energy where there was none before (e.g. due to unsuitable rooftops)


Management of networks, grids

Business Model

Our business model is Software as a service (SaaS). We develop white-label platforms that can be adjusted to the needs of our clients - Energy utilities. The problem that our solution addresses is two-fold. From the energy consumer's side, we enable access to cheaper renewable energy, thus reducing the payback period for their PV systems by 30% and enable use of renewable energy where it was not possible before (apartment buildings, unsuitable rooftops, etc.) From the Energy Utility side, our solution provides a way to manage and monetize prosumers, whil


Successfully launch a pilot with an energy utility and acquire seed-stage funding for a full product launch.