Unicorn Scooters are the electric kick scooters designed exceptionally for sharing in the cities or for business purpose. Unicorn scooter is robust, durable, has just the right functionality and outstanding design.


Unicorn Scooters are the electric kick scooters designed exceptionally for sharing. We have managed to create a better scooter than one of the most popular scooters in the global scooter sharing market. Unicorn scooter has more than two times bigger range (80 km), five times longer lifespan (up to 6 months) and, therefore, it is much more profitable for scooter sharing service providers. With the Unicorn, we believe we can make a change to the ridiculous amount of urban pollution, traffic jams and the old-school approach towards mobility.


Smart (e)mobility

Business Model

We have two business models. First of all, we are going to sell our scooters and charging station network to scooter sharing and other businesses or Municipalities in the US and Central Europe. Additionally, we will provide maintenance or other operational services of our scooters. Secondly, we are going to launch our own pilot scooter sharing platform in Lithuania. Starting from 2020 we will expand to other small geographical regions in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Sales and business development are key areas in 2019. During the first year, we are going to produce and sell at least 5000 scooters to the businesses that are not competitors in our geographical zone. Or/And to those businesses in need for scooters sharing systems inside their premises (factories, hubs, airports, etc.).