Popa Boat offers the unique addition of infrastructure of the city which every smart city must to have. It is ridesharing platform of smart solar-powered catamarans and docks designed to be used in the urban waters for a leisure activity, tourism and transportation.


While are massive worry about polluters in our streets our goal is to change the amount of polluters on the water offering sustainable, comfortable and smart solution. Popa Boat is a system of inland water transport which supplement smart city infrastructure. We produce smart electric catamarans from recycled materials which runs on solar energy together with special “parking docks” and sharing application. With the Popa Boat, we believe we can make a change to the amount of urban water pollution but also to the old-school approach towards mobility.


Clean Energy
Air, water & environment
Mobility, transport & logistics

Business Model

We are going to launch Popa boat sharing platform in Scandinavia, Northern and Central Europe. Additionally, we will provide maintenance or other operational services of our boats and docks.


During the 2019 we are going to produce at least 3 boats and 2 docks in Lithuania for using without the sharing platform. Also our plan is to attract financial investment to reach the target of 2020. During the 2020 we are planning to offers more than 50 boats and 70 docks in Lithuania and Scandinavia together with sharing application.