THRUST develops unique and effective solutions for organizations to remotely obtain and analyse information necessary for effective decision-making by using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and its integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics.


THRUST – innovative and customizable fixed-wing UAV systems, optimized for high-quality aerial data acquisition. Our UAVs are designed for low-altitude, long-endurance, and wide speed-range flights with the ability to carry large sensor payloads (e.g. LiDARs). We provide 3 types of services: selling UAV systems, data gathering (for clients who have in-house analytics), and data analytics services.


Clean Energy
Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Air, water & environment
Monitoring & compliance
Mobility, transport & logistics
Clean Industry
Industrial Automation
Monitoring and Compliance
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Asset infrastructure (e.g. electricity lines, roads) requires routine maintenance, which is currently performed by monitoring crews or manned aircrafts. Our fixed-wing UAVs integrated with analytics solution is an efficient, sustainable, and profitable substitute for the manned monitoring. Cruising at low speeds and altitudes, our sensor-equipped UAVs provide maximum quality multispectral data of the scanned infrastructure, which is later analysed to detect sites that require maintenance. Thus, our solution cuts costs and GHG emissions by more than 90%.


So far this year we have been successfully closing commercial sales in energy sector, as well as taking first steps in other industries. Our target for this year is to finish customizing UAVs for at least two additional industries (apart from the ones we working in currently), while simultaneously we are actively searching for partners who can provide solutions that would analyse the data gathered by our UAVs or sales partners with developed network of potential clients. We are open to consider any industry for application. Feel free to drop us a line.