Compact autonomous sewage sludge incinerator for small WWTP (waste water treatment plants).


EMPYRIO is a startup company with unique technology for sewage sludge and other organic waste utilisation. Our system provides a complex pre-drying and subsequent burning of high-moisture (up to 75% moisture) organic waste. It burns by itself without using additional side energy sources, ensuring the cycling of the process and energy output. Our technology is the next generation of Circulating Fluidised Bed burner.


Clean Energy
Waste to energy
Air, water & environment
Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

We plan not to sell equipment, but to charge monthly for utilised quantity of sewage sludge. Thus we'll ensure constant cash flow for us, but for customers avoid large CAPEX in purchase of the equipment, also avoiding postpone of the utilisation start due to next periods' budgeting delays. Such business model should be beneficial to wastewater treatment stations, because we'll cut their OPEX dramatically by eliminating existing costs for sewage sludge utilisation by subcontracting of its' removal or transporting out it somewhere.


MVP & client traction – technical documentation development for industrial prototype and search for pilot customer. Industrial prototype testing on sewage sludge and digestate. ?First paying customer for piloting period – getting revenues from pilot prototype testing. Seed investment attraction.


Aleksandrs Belskis