We produce and sell FRESH premium spirulina.


We are producing and selling fresh and frozen spirulina. Fresh spirulina has much higher nutrition value, e.g. antioxidant content than dried spirulina. Our innovative technology ensures production of fresh spirulina for whole year in higher stable quality and with less water consumption than traditional pond system.


Food and beverage

Business Model

B2B. Our main clients are food producers and restaurants as well as extract producers for food, feed and cosmetics industry. Fresh spirulina is a concentrated source of antioxidants and proteins. It increase the nutritional value and shelf life of various foods, e.g. drinks, fermented products, probiotics like yogurt or kefir. Spirulina also give nice deep green colour. We are only large scale producer in Nordic Europe. Only we can deliver you fresh spirulina 12 month per year.


Increase the number of customers. Develop sustainable packaging - improving shelf-life and optimizing storage temperature. Increase production volume till >20 kg/month in 2019 and keep on scaling up in 2020. Start exporting.