We have developed a new biocomposite material based in agroforestry byproducts mixed with an organic adhesive, whose first commercial application are plant pots that are environmentally friendly, customizable, easy to use and totally organic.


Spawnfoam was founded in 2017 and is based in the Regia Douro Park in Vila Real. It is an industrial project developed and designed for the circular economy. It promotes the development of new products and promotes an increase in tradable and international production. It promotes for the creation of qualified jobs and promotes economic valuation in the agroforestry sector in terms of the supply of raw materials


Materials Innovation

Business Model

Spawnfoam aims at disrupting the biocomposite market by substantially eliminate plastic use.Developed with an intrinsic circular economy logic, these plant pots are made with waste material from agro and forest activities, strengthened with an organic adhesive.They are environmentally friendly, complex, and customizable.Current commitment of Spawnfoam involves the production and marketing of plantation pots and trays. Avoid burning forest and agricultural by-products. We can use it to produce high quality materials that contribute to forest regeneration


Spawnfoam aims for 2020 to launch its first standard biodegradable tray solution for planting trees and to pilot it with a key player the sector. Continuous improvement of product technology and business, Creation of qualified direct jobs and increase team. In the Forest area we want to help to reforest burnt or degraded areas effectively. Contribute to the global reforestation effort and values the forest by-products, stimulating forestry activity and the management of the territory.