Real-time optimization systems for the smart management of water utilities and industrial process, power by artificial intelligence.


SCUBIC is a tech company that combines knowledge from optimization techniques, water management, energy efficiency techniques, operational optimization, data science, hydraulics, and software engineering, to deliver impactful solutions to improve the management of systems and processes.


Management of networks, grids
Industry efficiency
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Water utilities worldwide spend over €14 billions in pumping energy just to transport water from the source to the population. These costs will increase due to the population growth and increasing energy prices. SCUBIC uses the most advanced optimization algorithms to find the most cost/energy effective operation of water networks in real-time. With this optimized operation SCUBIC is helping water utilities to reduce costs, reduce water leakage, increase the sustainability of water sources and reduce carbon emissions.


Our targets for 2020 are to increase the number of customers in Portugal, develop the fully autonomous system and to have one international project.