We make waste-based blocks for cargo pallets, a robust, durable and sustainable alternative that saves trees and reduces landfilling


We produce waste-based blocks for wood pallets; 100% made of polymer mixed waste and biomass waste. By using resources from landfills directly to the logistics value chain, we provide a longer lifespan for wood pallets, as well as better shock absorption and resistance properties. This is a block that prepares pallets for high performance even under the most severe conditions while saving the environment.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

We operate as a landfill competitor, by receiving specific types of mixed waste polymers and upcycle them into 100% recycled and 100% recyclable pallet blocks, providing pallet manufacturers a competitive alternative product, in order to reduce deforestation, wood dependence, and consumption. Our main goal is to provide longer life to trees, allowing them higher CO2 mitigation rates at the same time as we reduce landfill usage and increase the recyclability of polymer mixed waste.


2020 will be the year where we expand from small prototype operations to serial production of our waste-based blocks, with better relations with paying customers and achieving production & sales goals of delivering and exporting more than 1 full truck of goods per month to European customers.