Artusystem cuts fuel cost and emissions of diesel common-rail in half!


Artusystem is a Start-up focusing on diesel optimization with in a completely new way using LPG technology and finally provides significant results in both reducing emissions and fuel cost by more than 50%.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

Artusystem offers product to market that can be installed in cars powered by a diesel common rail engine, resulting in both reduced fuel cost and emission of the car by more than 50%. Even a Euro2 car can meet top industry emission standards. Our hardware solution can be installed in any diesel common-rail with displacements from 0.8 up to 3 liters and can be adapted for buses and trucks.


Within 2019 we would like to get further investments in order to produce a small batch in serial production in order to complete LPG system certification. Other milestones set for 2019 are certified laboratory tests and field tests with potential clients in order to sign LOI. Additionally, we would like to add an advisory board to our team.