Harnessing Social Networks, Trustporter is the most convenient, trust-centered, and inexpensive solution for all your shipping and transportation needs.


Trustporter, is a shipping and transportation system based on trust. It is designed to match requests to transport goods or people, with other people that happen to travel along the requested routes anyway. To accomplish this, Trustporter institutes crowdsourcing into shipping and transportations. In doing so, it intends to revolutionize the shipping and transportation industry around the world.


Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Trustporter's revenues will come from its services. It offers the option to customers to transport items or get lifts very inexpensively, compared to doing the trip themselves or paying courier and transportation services. Trustporter will suggest a low price for every shipping and transportation request and will charge a 15% commission on the suggested price, plus an additional small fixed amount for real-time requests and other value-added services.


(1) Finalize the prototype application using ReactJS and React Native technology stacks. (2) "Run" a pilot within a large company (~1000 employees) in order to fine-tune our services. (3) Open the application to a broader audience. (4) Get our first 1000 paying customers.