Platform that connects investors with vetted Renewable Energy Projects.


Parity is developing a digital platform that connects investors with Renewable Energy Projects. The platform is offered as a turn-key software solution to multiple regulated financial services providers (Banks, Wealth Managers). These providers use the software solution to enable their clients to finance Renewable Energy projects. Clients funding the projects receive shares in the project.


Fueling/charging infrastructure
Financial services
Crowd Funding

Business Model

Parity Platform collects financing proposals from Renewable Energy (RE) projects in Southeastern Europe, The proposals pass technical and legal due diligence via platform's external partners. Then the projects are released on the platform. Platform users can fund the project and receive shares. At the end of each year, investors receive their share of the project's profits in cash payments. In that way, Parity optimizes the process of smaller investor entry to RE projects and helps energy companies decrease their need for bank debt.


1. Identify more renewable energy projects seeking financing, that can be included in the platform. 2. Form a partnership with a wealth management firm and launch pilot funding campaigns to the firm's clients.