Manufacturers of non-mechanical high pressure H2 compressors using metal hydrides


CYRUS PC produces Metal Hydride Compressors (MHC), which use only heat (from solar thermal or waste heat) and target the Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) for vehicles market. Our compressors have these advantages: 1) no moving parts are involved, 2) no need for electrical energy, and 3) lower O&M costs. Conventional compressors produce high noise and cannot be installed in HRS in residential areas.


Clean Energy
Smart building
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

It is envisaged that revenues will be generated following the license fees model, targeting to attract large companies, which develop and/or operate Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS). In general, we will follow the B2B sales and distribution model.


The main targets of our start-up company for the year 2019 are the following: 1) Finalize our detailed business plan, 2) Conduct a thorough market survey and competition identification, 3) Develop our first production line and 4) Achieve the first sale of a commercial Metal Hydride Hydrogen Compressor.