Democratizing freight transport


CargoShare is an online chartering platform. It connects ship operators and charterers by matching their needs, enabling them to negotiate and complete the chartering process on the spot. CargoShare is focused on dry bulk and general cargo.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Data Centres and Services

Business Model

CargoShare is a SaaS online chartering platform operating on a brokerage fee-based revenue model. It addresses the problem of a fragmented and opaque market by creating a freight chartering network for dry bulk and general cargo. It reduces communication-based market frictions, resulting in improved route selection, new business opportunities for market participants, minimized costs, as well as reduced CO2 emissions for the shipping industry.


In 2019, we aim to have fully launched our service, generated initial user base as well as attracted further investment in order for us to accelerate our growth and presence in the global market.