A retrofit kit & software solution for reducing building energy usage and improving management


SmartVent is creating a way to make 'boring' buildings smart and energy-efficient. Mid-rise offices, retail outlets, schools already have most of the components of a smart building. SmartVent is a platform for connecting to the existing HVAC equipment and for adding smart sensors and meters to create an energy-efficient, easy-to-manage and healthy building.


Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Up to 50% of building energy use can be saved just by changing how existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) devices operate. We provide our customers with the necessary devices and integrations and a long-term subscription fee is charged to keep things running. In the long term, we will be working with a global network of automation contractors and FM consultants in a B2B2B model.


In 2020, we plan to: 1) Launch 16 pilot projects in Estonia, Latvia, Poland and South Africa. 2) Deliver a variety of features to improve our effect on building energy efficiency, including integrating to the Estonian Smart Grid platform ESTFEED. 3) Open a regional filial in Poland.