Earth Pumps has developed a disruptive, alternative heat pump technology, enabling an efficiency increase of up to 800% over the best on-market solutions.


Earth Pumps' novel technology is the biggest innovation in heat pumps since their discovery 150 years ago. A new thermodynamic cycle enables efficiency and performance far beyond existing systems. An early lab prototype has already demonstrated an efficiency increase of approximately 253%, whereas the final product is expected to surpass the 800% mark. Our dream: a geothermal power station in everyone's back yard.


Cleantech, Energy, Energy efficiency

Business Model

One third of all global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to heating and cooling processes in buildings. Heat pumps are a promising solution to this problem, but unfortunately, existing systems have shortcomings that prevent them from being a universal solution. Earth Pumps' solution does not share these issues, and even has the potential to be a geothermal electric power source in anyone's back yard. This disruptive technology can replace millions of existing systems, and enable new applications across industries.


The company's goals for this year include: 1) Developing a proof of concept system for demonstration to experts; 2) Obtaining feedback from major industry players (possible applications (old and new), partnership possibilities, etc.); 3) Creating a road map for achieving market-readiness.