Charging infrastructure service provider that offers smart grid technologies that allow to charge EV’s at big scale.


In Balance grid is working as a charging infrastructure service provider, where everything from hardware implementation, installation, administration and maintenance are the responsibility of the company. Implementation of the latest hardware and software solutions, creation of new technologies allowed company to develop the new generation charging station that ensures smooth communication with location’s power main.


Management of networks, grids
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Smart (e)mobility
Fueling/charging infrastructure
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance
Data Centres and Services
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Smooth growth of EV’s sector is limited by the current infrastructure, where only limited number of EV’s may be charged. Each year higher number of cities is facing demand-response issues (“black outs”) that comes from unstable electric producers such as wind turbines or solar panels and growing demand for electricity. Therefore, Inbalance’s solutions that ensures charging of the higher amount of EV’s and at the same time helps to ensure communication with power mains and prevent “black outs” sounds as a perfect solution from this situation.


In 2020 company will be focused into finalization of a new version of hardware architecture and smart cloud functionality. These updates will allow Inbalance to provide the most effective model to the market already this year.