Pillirookõrs offers natural alternatives to single-use plastics, providing reed straws and developing products such as cups, plates etc.


Pillirookõrs aims to help relieve the global plastic pollution by providing products made of reed. Reed is naturally abundant and quickly renewable raw material. Our first product: the reed straw has already reached more than 70000 users and we are developing modification methods to produce various reed-based items. All of our products are completely biodegradable.


Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

Most of the commodities for food consumption are produced minding only the low price and simplicity, whereas little to none effort is put on environmental impact. The market need for environmentally friendly alternatives with competitive pricing is enormous. The need will be further magnified by the EU ban on many single-use plastics in 2021. Pillirookõrs uses natural reed to produce drinking straws, cups, plates and more.


Improve straw production capacity; entering international market; modified reed products pilot series; machinery development and construction for automation