Next-generation customer-centric green energy provider


Flamingo energy is a community-based next-generation customer-centric green energy provider, which offers a transparent tariff with no margin, which is enabled via a monthly membership. We are building a fully integrated energy wallet, that enables customers an easy way to manage their energy consumption and enhance the experience by offering additional services.


Clean Energy
Energy storage solutions
Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

We providing transparency to the Energy market, with no margin on electricity pricing, and membership model according to your products used. Our goal is not to charge customers but provide energy e-wallet, that would lead to customer up-sell and bundle different services on a subscription basis (current telco model).


-Launch MVP and Close-Beta product by end of 2020. -Launch in Pilot Market (Baltics) -Launch in a foreign market (Potentially Germany) -Raise Seed round