Inion software helps companies and people to make more with their current resources with Inion's IoT platform. Solution is used in PV plants and PV parks to increase performance and enable maintenance for installations with different inverters.


Inion software creates IoT solutions to enable continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure and equipment to enhance performance as well as predict and detect failures. It has been successfully applied to photovoltaic plant monitoring and control applications, where solution is used to connect multiple inverters of various manufacturers to one unified cloud-based system.


Management of networks, grids
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Our solution is sold to PV plant installers and PV plant owners. PV plant installers are using our solution as a maintenance tool to connect all their installations with different inverters to one unified software system. For installers we sell hardware (one time) and software (SaaS). End users are using our solution to increase performance of their PV plants and PV parks and are paying for the software (SaaS). We are also preparing solution for distribution system operators, for the to manage PV plant connected to the grid.


Commercially, we will expand with sales to two other countries (outside of our home country) in Europe. Technically we need to prepare our software to that expansion making it more automated. Also, we need to develop solar estimation and prediction modules which we can sell as additional service. We also need to introduce new app, which should become a customer engagement platform. We need also to develop our hardware controllers - second generation is on the way. For all that to accomplish, will need to hire more and motivated people.