Food Recyclers that turn food waste into fertilizer with ease.


Wastefox develops and sells food recyclers - innovative composters that turn food waste into fertilizer. The food recycler works on organic composting microbes that speed up the process and remove the smell. Our mission is to make sorting food scraps so easy and exciting that it becomes the natural way of life.


Waste to energy
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Smart building

Business Model

People lack of good ways for sorting biowaste - food scraps are quickly turning unpleasant and landfilling biowaste is a great souce of greenhouse gases. Wastefox makes sorting biowaste a pleasant and exciting process - food scraps are quickly turned into fertilizer and prevented from entering the landfills. Our technology makes the process up to 5 times quicker and binds harmful gases into the humus. The final results is a natural fertilizer that can be used in gardens.


In 2019, we aim to reach at least 1000 homes with our technology and make market entries in Scandinavia and other European countries.