Quick wash machine for reusable coffee cups supporting global waste reduction.


Circup is developing quick wash machines for reusable coffee cups. A growing number of people is using reusable coffee cups already, but unfortunately there aren't good solutions supporting using your own cup. One of the biggest concerns for consumer is maintenance of the cup. On the other hand takeaway beverage sellers need to be sure that the hygiene standards for reusable coffee cups are met.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

Single use coffee cups are a global problem. Circup makes using reusable coffee cup more convenient. We produce quick wash machines for reusable coffee cups and rent them out to takeaway beverage sellers for a monthly fee. By renting not selling the machines we can improve, reuse and recycle the machines when needed. For businesses and their consumers the machine ensures that reusable coffee cups can be cleaned on the spot quickly and efficiently.


We are currently developing the prototype and interacting with potential customers. We are also doing market research and developing a network of all coffee shops and petrol stations who support consumers using their own reusable cups in Estonia. We are planning to launch the commercial product by the end of 2019.


Marius-Julius Urva