Eco-innovative 3D printing that uses wood waste and circular design to produce new value objects.


3CULAR reinvents 3D printing in a sustainable way by making it possible to print from wood waste (sawdust). Combining sawdust with non-toxic binders makes it possible to print complicated wooden objects faster and easier, saving money, resources and the environment. This innovation enables wood and furniture industries to adapt circular business models, additional revenue streams and upcycling to their processes. At the same time reducing the use of plastics as the most popular 3D printing material.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Industry efficiency
Materials Innovation

Business Model

Most of the sawdust produced is being burned or turned into wood pellets. Studies show that burning biomass (incl. sawdust & wood leftovers) emits more carbon per unit of energy than most fossil fuels. Our goal is to reduce the use of plastics as the main 3D printing material by 50% with our innovative sawdust-based material, which can be turned into long-lasting products that bind carbon for decades. We are selling the 3D printing service and material to companies who create wooden products.


Our goals for 2019 are to upgrade the material and its properties in order to be ready to enter the market. We are also looking for additional cooperation partners, investors and potential clients.