Kibu aims to foster and empower prosumerism by offering the simplest way to generate and store solar energy: Unbox, plug-in, enjoy.


In Kibu we imagine a world powered by distributed green energy. To quicken and foster this transition, our device offers a simple, smart and affordable way to generate and store your own solar power. In cooperation with Estonian start-up UBIK Solutions, Kibu devices include the patented OptiVerter® Technology, allowing the maximum energy yield even under shaded conditions and thus the shortest ROI.


Energy storage solutions
Management of networks, grids

Business Model

We are targeting residents in urban areas that would like their sunny garden, terrace or balcony to generate and storage energy, while also aiming at rehabilitation firms that could retrofit the system in their works. Once enough devices would be deployed, an aggregation platform for the production and storage of the devices would unfold, allowing the resulting Virtual Power Plant to offer balance, regulation and stabilization services to the TSO/DSOs and generating recurrent revenue on its own.


We are already sourcing the necessary components to create our first prototype during this Spring in order to test it with real customers during Summer. From the validated learning gathered we will refine our device until reaching a MVP for further testing and development. In the meantime, we need to keep validating the aggregation platform with more TSO/DSOs, while also validating potential off-grid uses for the device, such as camping and caravanning.


Gerardo García Díaz