Snowision develops fully automatic system for snow cover monitoring on ski slopes. Unique microwave sensor projects wide area map with all the main snow parameters at once in real time. The main goal is to save artificial snow production and grooming costs.


Snowision sensor is a unique spectro-radiometer complex. The device measures natural microwaves emitted by snow and reflects snow depth, density (SWE), temperature profile etc. in real time, in range >1 km. Applying this information into snow pack model allows to say how much exactly snow need to be produced and distributed along the slopes in the most effective way, saving the snow production costs significantly.


Cleantech, Climate/Environmental monitoring, Energy efficiency

Business Model

Snow production is particularly expensive in mountains and mid/large ski resorts spend for snow production 0.4 - 3 million EUR per season each. A significant part of that artificial snow is overproduced because there is no effective tool to monitor snow pack conditions in real time, but ski resort operators must be sure that there is enough snow on the slopes till the end of the ski season. Snowision offers to install net of sensors and software at all mid/large ski resorts, located in Alps, North America, Scandinavia, China, Japan etc.


The main goal for Snowision in 2017 is to find a partner ski resort to launch pilot project in real environment, which will prove the capabilities of Snowision system to save snow production volumes and demonstrate it to all the potential customers.