Hydrogen Energy Systems injects hydrogen into internal combustion engines, adding value to industries that want to dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and GHG emissions.


Hydrogen Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that leverages hydrogen to reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Our premise is that hydrogen, as the purest molecule with an energy density of over three times that of commonly used liquid hydrocarbons, must be harnassed as a fuel not for the future, but for the present. We target energy consumers that face significantly higher costs due to regulatory change or those who are looking for a more efficient way to approach climate change within their existing asset base.


Clean Energy
Mobility, transport & logistics

Business Model

Water-borne freight shippers have been mandated by the IMO to lower their sulphur oxide emissions from 3.5% to 0.5% starting in 2020 through the use of cleaner, more expensive fuel blends or via the installation of scrubber technology which increases their fuel consumption. Alternatively, by injecting hydrogen into the engine, HES dramatically increases fuel efficiency, lowers GHG emissions, and lowers maintenance costs, providing the shipowner with a complete solution. HES will either license the technology or pursue a direct sales strategy.


We'd like to find key stakeholders that can help us get through the testing phase of our technology on a large-scale shipping engine.