WePark is smart digital solution that solves complex problem of lack of parking spaces in urban city areas by using existing private parking facilities and providing information on the number and location of available parking spaces in real time.


WePark is a modern digital solution that solves the problem of lack of parking spaces in urban areas, and is based on creating a community among drivers who are looking for a available parking space and owners of private parking spaces. To solve the cause of mentioned problem, we have developed an app that provides drivers with access to the number and location of available parking spaces in real time and a parking space reservation, while the owners of parking spaces are able to rent their parking space when it is available and monetiz it.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Traffic Management
Smart (e)mobility

Business Model

The greatest value and the main goal of our business strategy is the customer satisfaction and the strengthening of the WePark brand. Our business model is as simple as possible and it is based on sharing economy. We are sharing revenue between parking space owners and WePark in certain rate. Rate depends on few factors like geolocation of parking lot, number of parking spaces, amount of money that needs to be investet into parking lot infrastructure etc.


WePark team has several targets in 2019. Our first target is to make our product even better by implementing new features like dynamic pricing system, EV chargers and air quality sensors. Our second goal is to grow number of parking spaces for our customers and to enable WePark service in other cities in Croatia and region. At this moment WePark service is available on 6 locations in city of Zagreb with around 80 parking spaces. Our final goal is to increase number of customers by at least 25-30%.


Karlo Starcevic